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Want to live the beach life ? A home with the best beach views has hit the market, but there is a small catch ! The person buying this, cannot be an acrophobic.

“It has a 360-degree view of both L.A. and Orange County. The views from the property are spectacular. The views are spectacular. It’s different being up that high, I think it’s the tallest home in California,” says Mike Arnold, attorney for the owners of the Sunset Beach Water Tower House.

The four storey property is listed at a value of $4.95 million. It’s high above anything else in Seal Beach, CA.

You’re 85 feet up in the air on the top level, and you get the ocean breeze,” says Arnold.

The water tower is a local landmark.

“Everyone has seen it forever. It’s the kind of place you almost have to go by on the Pacific Coast Highway,” Arnold explains.

It dates to the 1880s, when it used to service steam engines coming through for the railroad. A replacement for the original was built in the 1940s.

The structure was left in despair, after a failed restoration drive. The current owners helped rescue it from demolition in 2016, and transformed it into what it is today.

These guys bought it as a labor of love. Sunset Beach is a small beachside community and [one of the owners] met his wife right outside of the water tower,” Arnold explains. “The water tower was kind of getting run-down a little bit, and they bought it.”

After completion of the whole renovation processes, the property boasts four bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms in its 2828 square feet of vertical living space.

The ground level, hold the entry area, an elevator awaits you as you try to touch th upper floors of the property.

“You go up to the next level, and that’s where the Jacuzzi is. You can sit out and watch the sunset. They call it the sunset bar and the sunrise coffee stand,” Arnold says. “The Jacuzzi is literally looking at the beach, so that’s really cool.”

Another level up the property holds the kitchen, dining room and another bedroom and bathroom.

Huge windows and wood ceiling, adorn the top level of the living space, it’s the perfect place you would like to be after a really long day.

“The views are spectacular. It’s cliché, but it’s really breathtaking. The sunsets are unlike anywhere else. There can’t be a better place to watch a sunset than on the top of a water tower,” Arnold says. “If you want to see the best sunrise, you look from the other side. As far as the eye can see in any direction, there’s no limitations whatsoever on what you can see, because you are on top of everything else.”

The current owners have always rented the place out as a vacation rental, but Arnold says that they have decided to sell because of an ongoing debate with the city on this issue. He also fears that the new owners may not be allowed to use the property for a similar purpose.

“[The perfect buyer] will be someone who wants something eccentric that they can use once in a while,” he adds. “Someone who would really enjoy a beach house that is unlike any other that I’ve seen. It’s the world’s coolest beach house.”



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