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Titled “The Green Arch”, the Belgian pavilion at the 2020 Dubai Expo highlights the emergence of connected green cities through its industrial, technological, and scientific knowledge. The pavilion, which is part of the Mobility district of the exhibition, consists of an arched, floral monolith that combines “Latin romanticism in the field of art and Anglo-Saxon technical precision in the industrial branches”. The pavilion is designed by Belgian architects ASSAR ARCHITECTS and Vincent Callebaut Architectures, and will be represented by BelExpo, an autonomous department under the Belgian Ministry of Economy.

Similar to the 2020 Dubai Expo theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, Belgium’s urban planning prospects include creating smart mobility systems for the future. The expo will be combining Belgian thinkers and entrepreneurs to display their visions for the year 2050, based on today’s creative innovations of smart, clean, and secure mobility. Its presence at Expo serves as an aspiration to convince international visitors to visit the country and invest in it through collaborations with Belgian institutions and initiatives.

The 500m² exhibition space will offer visitors a gaze into the future of Belgian technologies. Visitors will be guided by narrations of the country’s notable Comics, which play an integral role in the heritage and culture of the European country. In addition, the pavilion will act as a window into “the heart and soul” of Belgium and its citizens through the experience of enjoying good food and good company. Belgian brasseries and kiosks will be installed at the exhibition space and its rooftop so visitors can indulge in the delicacies of the country.

The pavilion is designed by Belgian architects ASSAR ARCHITECTS and Vincent Callebaut Architecturesand is conceptualized by Belgian international contractors BESIX and Vanhout. BelExpo also collaborated with the Belgian Buildings Agency for the structural aspect of the pavilion.

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