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Topcon Positioning Group unveils the Survey and construction software suite MAGNET 7, and is now available for sell.

What MAGENT 7 uses is cloud based connectivity to streamline workflows through GNSS receivers, total stations and other positioning tools and instruments. The use of such technology, leads to increase in productivity, efficiency and profitability levels across the job sites.

The software system is targeted towards improving accuracy while efficiently managing data and collaboration- in real time – with the project team.

Productivity features include an ability to connect to the newest version of the Sitelink3D job-site monitoring and management system. This enables office personnel to send machine models via the web portal directly to machines on site.

The Haul Truck app is something the new connection will allow access to. The app, sends real time data in a mass-haul environment, which dramatically improves efficiency. It includes haul volumes and truck locations – directly to the master schedule.

MAGNET7 provides new capability for calculating the International Roughness Index (IRI), a valuable indicator for resurfacing projects. The IRI data exports directly to ProVAL formats, commonly used in the paving industry, to report and validate road-surface smoothness against government guidelines.

The software, also provides enhanced terrain mapping capabilities for surveyors and an overall increase in file type capabilities.