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In Today’s fast paced Social Media marketing, Images have become king! Below secret tips for marketing for builders that can help them win the attention of prospective Homebuyers.

Most Home Builders are not only competing with other Builders but with the Resale or “used home” market as well. The problem is that most prospective home buyers are now doing their research online through websites like zillow.com, trulia.com, and realtor.com. In fact, a study done by the National Association of Realtors and Google showed that over 90% of all home buyers searched online to find their new home. Another key stat is that half of those buyers used a mobile device to search and request information about a potential property.

So what does all this have to do with Home Builders competing in today’s market you might ask? Well, The only chance A Home Builder has to get that potential buyer to stop and look at their home is to have a better image or at the very least an equal image to their competitor and those “used homes” for sale!

The fact that so many people are deciding which home they are most interested in by looking at pictures on their Phone or Tablet only makes the image quality of each image that much more important.

Realtor’s who are selling Used homes have become much more sophisticated by hiring professional Photographers to take the marketing photos used on MLS and the sites listed above as well as providing high-quality Virtual tours

Most Home Builders are still using an Old Style artist’s renderings for marketing the homes they can build or that are under construction. This puts them at a great disadvantage because a buyer may never even stop to look at the home online simply because the image does not do the home justice!

From the images above you can see that one is the clear loser when it comes to capturing the attention of a Homebuyer! The Artist sketch will just not cut it in today’s market of fast-moving social media and online shopping. The Home Builders that are on the cutting edge of marketing have already begun to adopt the New Photorealistic 3D Rendering to replace the outdated artist sketch.

Now the key becomes how good should the quality be of 3D rendering to compete? Studies have shown that Buyers respond to a 3D rendering with proper lighting over an actual HD photo like the one shown above. This is because at first glance the buyer cannot tell that the image is not real so the eye is actually drawn to it because is the image is almost too good. Images like the ones produced above from www.Biorev.us have shown to be one of the best options by balancing Quality, Time & Cost.

There is no doubt that the Homebuilding industry is changing to the Photorealistic 3D rendering the question is only how long will some loose before they realize they must complete.

Good news! There are companies like www.Biorev.us (shown above) that have realized the need and invested the last two years perfecting the Process of converting New Home plans to these 3D renderings. The cost and time to convert these images have also been improved significantly over the past year which makes this the optimal time for a Builder to begin using this improved technology.

If I am a HomeBuilder, Big or Small, I am would be contacting a company like Biorev to Improve my rendering quickly! Realtors and other Homebuilders will only continue to improve the images they are marketing, don’t be fooled into thinking the images you are using are good enough!!


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