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Fasten your seat-belts, as Ma Yansong, a leader of MAD architects, unveils the design for the Aranya ” Cloud Center” in China. The center  will feature a design, with a vibrant sea side art and cultural community, a new multi-purpose public space with a a variety of functions and sculptured landscapes imagined as a “white stone garden”.

The proposed building is situated near the scenic Beidaihe coastline in northeastern China. From a distance, it appears as though the building is a “cloud floating in the forest”. The structure’s polished white-stained glass exterior reflects the sunlight, sky, and landscape, changing light and color with respect to its surroundings. At its entrance, visitors are met with a reflective pool amidst the lush landscape.

The floating effect is supported by a series of structural overhangs, with some reaching 30 meters high. The cloud’s mass is balanced and suspended from the building’s central core, which provides support for the entire structure and its open plan column-free interior. A low circular wall surrounds the building’s exterior, forming a tranquil landscape that “detaches visitors from reality”.

Construction of the Cloud Center began in March 2021, and is expected to be completed and opened in 2022.

Krishnaprio Dey