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Photorealistic 3D Architectural Renderings for Real Estate and Home Builders

We at Biorev help property owners showcase their homes with 3D architectural renderings. 3D Architectural Renderings of Real estates are something we have long been doing. Our services offer more value than a picture perfect rendering and visualization. You can expect an exceptional rendering or presentation of your property, whether you are seeking 3D Exterior, 3D Interior, Virtual Reality Tours or just picture-perfect 3D renderings and visualizations.

Our Architectural Rendering Services Give You:
  • Cost Effective Visualization
  • Quick Turn Around Time
  • A Competitive Edge
  • Ability to Build an Impressive Portfolio
  • An Enhanced Online Presence

Our Complete Offer of Services & Solutions

Whether you need interior, exterior or floor plan rendering in 3D. We have what you need with a comprehensive range of professional architectural rendering services that are best-in-class yet affordable


Compelling exterior design for any type of building


Awe-inspiring interior visuals to communicate designs more effectively


Enhanced floor visualization that gives a realistic view of the size and layout of a space


Allow your customers and clients to step inside their dream building from any device

CGI is our focus - not a feature

  1. The team of artists and technicians at Biorev Studios are off-the-charts talented

  2. To ensure that we are a good fit for you, our team of professionals works hard to understand our clients’ needs completely before taking on a project

  3. A positive ROI is a very important metric to us, so we won’t take on your project if we don’t think our work will lead to a very positive ROI for you

  4. We have decades of collective experience and we understand the quality of models and renderings that are created by us are crucial for entire projects.

Why Biorev?
What makes us different?

What can you expect from us when you hire us for Architectural 3D Rendering Services?

We pay attention to every detail to deliver 'best-in-class' results to our clients.
  • Attention To Detail
  • Organized Approach
  • Increased Profitability
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • Design Precision & Realism
  • Personalized Communication
  • Business-friendly Prices: Less overall cost when more views ordered 
  • Cinematic VR Tour: Immersive VR experience for movie or game-like experience
Image of 3D Architectural Rendering Services by Biorev
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Some of our works in Architectural 3D Renderings


What People Say About BIOREV

"Biorev took my company's vision and made it a reality! We, along with their amazing team built a custom real estate website that stands out and offers features unlike most. The Biorev team is top-notch; professional, knowledgeable, pleasant and best part well priced. And timely! We have future development and marketing plans and without a doubt, are partnered with the best development company for our ambition and growth."
Sarah Renwick
HomeInsiders . Exp Realty
“Biorev is responsive, timely and have done a great job for us! Wonderful customer service and final product!”
Leslie Frazier
President of urban chic properties
“Biorev created a rendering of a retail center in Fort Worth, Texas. They did a fantastic job within a specified timeframe. Rendering has been well received in the real estate community. I am using them again for multi family project for 35 townhomes and 220 unit apartment complex. I would highly recommend them without any hesitation.”
Kishore Pondugula
President of Bizflix, LLC
“Thank you so much Biorev Team for getting my husband's company jumpstarted with your incredible website and social media support. You were always very prompt at responding and took our feedback into complete account. We were impressed with your creative visions and helped us boost our home building company. Your recent project with making 3D rendering for future homes has also been a great success."
biorev-client-Katie Rodriguez- Agent
Katie McKinney
President of H-Tex Enterprises
“Worked with Biorev team to create full interior fly through animation for 4000 SQFT residential canyon property. Very helpful with revisions and made sure we got what we needed to fully market a home not yet built. Thanks for a job well done!”
biorev-client-Jack Campbell
Jack Campbell
Realtor® - Broker Associate - Investor
“I got the rendering done for a Net Zero Home in the Bay Area. The team work was excellent in finishing the project in time and on budget. I strongly recommend them for such work. Totally Satisfied.”
biorev-client-Founder & CEO - SIDCO Homes Inc
Mohan Mahal
Founder & CEO - SIDCO Homes Inc
“Sagar worked with my Bay Area condo project for a planning commission meeting presentation. It was three large buildings for over 80 condos. He does amazing work and the city and neighbors were impressed with the work. The images he took from CAD files to his final drafts made my development look awesome. Plants and trees enhanced the drawings to look like real life photos. I highly recommend Biorev LLC. ”
William Jordan
Founder & CEO - William Jordan Co
“I was in a pinch and needed a rendering with a quick turn around time for a magazine. Sagar and Megan were ON TOP OF THINGS! The process was incredibly easy. I provided photos the home along with a color chart that they asked me to fill out. I had the rendering in less than a day!! Thanks BioRev for the excellent communication and expediency in handling our request!”
Brandi Stokes Cameo Homes
Brandi Stokes
REALTOR - Cameo Homes Inc.
“I've worked with Biorev for a few months now on renderings for new construction. They are very professional and timely, along with being very easy to work with, on any edits that I have. Their product is also exceptional.”
Adam Pretorius
Adam Pretorius
Associate Broker - Lepic Kroeger Realtors
“I was very impressed by the quality and quickness of this company. The turnaround was really fast and the renderings they did for our company looked so realistic! I would highly recommend this company!”
Lacy Laster - jeff benton homes
Lacy Laster
Marketing Coordinator - jeff benton homes
“I was introduced to Biorev at this year’s International Builders Show. We had been searching for a partner to help us create 3D renderings for our clients. Biorev’s work is outstanding. Sagar is great to work with and goes the extra mile to ensure we get exactly what we need. He even helped us with a cutaway to better show our standard features. I am looking forward to working with Biorev on many more projects. A big 5-stars!”
Paul Goodner
President of Goodner Brothers Construction
"It was a pleasure working with Sagar and his team at Biorev. When we started working together on renderings, his team was at a quality level however over time the team’s rendering output improved even more so. They were open to suggestions and flexible to meet our expectations. Biorev’s projects were completed timely and there was never a communication issue."
Zach Osina
Design Manager of Camillo Properties
“Biorev was able to manage a large project for us in a timely manner and went beyond our quality expectations, they quickly understood our needs and provided us with a great project management that made our project to go smooth, I will definitely recommend them and definitely continue to work with them on future projects.”
Eleazar Saldana
Architectural Department Manager of Megatel Homes
“I had the opportunity to work with Biorev on a very large project to produce 3D renderings and a Virtual tour for one of our largest clients. The Team at Biorev is amazing and the quality of the work was outstanding! I would recommend Biorev to anyone who is in need of a Digital Marketing solution! ”
Jason Baxter
Vice President of Development at Fort Capital, L.P

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How to start a 3D Architectural Rendering project with Biorev?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are 3D rendering services?

There is a rendering process behind every 3D image, whether realistic or not, that begins with 3D modeling. 3D rendering is a complex process of turning data from a 3D model stored in a computer into a 2D image. The 3D rendering process can be used to create a variety of images, from the intentionally non-realistic to what we call photo-realistic. Most consumers aren’t able to tell the difference between the latter and a picture taken with a traditional camera since the latter look so much like a “real” picture.

Why is Architectural 3D Rendering important?
With Architectural 3D Renderings you can:
  • Make a lasting impression on your clients with 3D photo-realistic renderings that show your work the best way.
  • Streamline your work process, increasing efficiency and decision-making throughout all stages of the project, when it comes to convincing clients about your design and the direction you wish to take.
  • Put a team of decision makers from diverse backgrounds all on the same page so no one questions a technicality and the point gets across and appeals to the subconscious mind better than boring CAD models or poor quality renderings.
  • Use outstanding 3D visuals to your fullest potential to win that architectural presentation or close that multi-million dollar deal through using superior architectural presentations.
What are the types of architectural animation?
There are various ways to classify architectural videos. Depending on the design featured, they can be divided into 3D animations for residential and commercial objects. Or, 3D animations can be classified into those showing exterior, interior design, and both. In addition, architectural animations can be done as static slideshows and dynamic 3D videos.
How long does an architectural rendering project usually take?

Each rendering is a distinct work of art, and while it takes time from the beginning to the end, they all go through the same general process. A 3D architectural rendering's complexity and surrounding scenery are the primary factors that influence the length of time it takes to make one. There is some variation in production times, but an estimate of 2-3 weeks is appropriate. Because we understand that each project is unique, you can trust us to provide a timeline tailored to suit your needs. Our goal is to deliver your project to you as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality in the process.

How do I start a 3D architectural rendering project?

To get a 3D architectural rendering project started, just fill in the form above, and we'll get back to you about the project details.

Who is a typical Biorev Customer?

The custom home builder, realtor, and even a Fortune 500 company may use Biorev's architectural rendering services, because they are among the best in the industry. Biorev doesn't aim for the cheapest price. In our experience, our customers prefer to invest in a higher-quality architectural visualization with professional service at a reasonable rate. We value our customer’s time very highly.

How much does it cost?

Without charging exorbitant amounts of money, our architectural renderings go a touch above and beyond the bare minimum. Our cost-efficient renders are considered at par with those which are exorbitantly highly priced

What do I need to get started with a 3D architectural rendering project?

An excellent place to start is a set of architectural plans or engineering files. Our team will assess these files for your project and it kick starts the conversation about your goals and expectations for this project as well as allow us to provide you with a quote.

What materials and information do I need to begin a 3D architectural rendering project?
  1. If you require visualizations for an object, please send us a drawing or sketch. No matter what it is, whether it's a building interior, a product, or anything else. Please provide elevations, sections, and site plans, if any, for 3D exterior-, interior- and floor plan renderings.
  2. Please submit your specs or other information about furniture, lighting, or plumbing fixtures if you need the 3D Interior or 3D Floor Plan Rendering Service.
  3. Materials information (specs or something else).
  4. Also, you can send us CAD or 3D models if that is possible.
  5. Did you come across awesome 3D stock models on Turbosquid, 3DSky, or another production platform? Would you like to use them? Any links you have would be appreciated.
  6. Additional information that you think is relevant to 3D renderings.
  7. Please provide us with instructions other than the above.
Do I need architectural plans?
  • In short, No.

Although it is ideal, there is no need to have architectural plans. Sketches and/or drawings or reference photos requiring some basic dimensions could be used as a starting point. The accuracy of architectural rendering is not guaranteed when we do not use CAD plans. However, when we have blueprints we can import them into the software we use and make sure they match as precisely as possible.

What are the benefits of architectural rendering?
  • This is better than the reality
    Taking good photos can be tricky and not easy to come by. At sunrise or sunset, you are most likely to get the best lighting. A professional photographer is usually necessary, which can be quite costly. A 3D image always gives you
    • Excellent lighting
    • Great weather
    • Grass growing in green
    • Camera angles that are perfect
    • Landscaped to its full potential
    • High-end interior staging for the interior shots
    • Scope to make revisions and improvise throughout the process.
  • Provide choices
    Making multiple versions with different finishes and colours of the same image is usually very cost-effective.
  • Ask a higher price.
    Rendering's main benefit to house sellers is comparable to staging.
    • A staged home can bring an additional 1% to 5% of the dollar value.
    • One study by Coldwell Banker found that staging increased a home's selling price by at least 6%.
  • Start selling sooner
    Once your 3D rendering is complete, you can start selling right away. Cash flow benefits of selling earlier can be huge.
  • Onsite marketing
    Your renderings can be printed on signage and generate interest in the project on-site. Getting people to take notice of a sale can be inexpensive when used as onsite signage, and if you don't plan to sell soon, you can gather an email/phone list of people who are interested.
  • Quick & Easy Regulatory board approval
    It can be difficult to work on development applications. In contrast, architectural renderings make your project a positive addition to the community by convincing neighbours and board members. In contrast to construction and noise, the neighbors may find the project to be something that will increase their properties' value.
What is your process?

A typical project looks like this.

  • You provide us with the details of the request such as plans and design of the room, desired materials, and furnishings, etc.
  • We will confirm your preferred camera angles either with clay renders or 2D markups
  • We begin creating a draft based on the plans and other information provided
  • After the first draft, we offer three additional revisions if needed.
  • Finally, we will provide a high-resolution image.
What Rendering options do I have?
  • Camera angle
    Our artists will most likely be able to match photos and renders you provide in most cases. Also, if the architectural plans include a camera angle marking, we can then make renderings based on those markings.

  • Time of day and lighting
    You can usually have the time of day and internal or exterior lighting match if you tell us in advance.
  • Landscape architecture
    The library of plants we have at our disposal has been exhaustively researched, so we can match the plant life accurately with the landscaping designs of most regions.
  • Furnishings and fixtures
    Most interior design styles can be matched at no extra cost. But if you have specific needs with regards to fixtures and furnishings, we can custom make anything you need.
How can I get the best possible results?
  • You should make sure to include as much into your plans as possible.
  • Reference images or manufacturer specifications would be helpful.
  • The more feedback you have, the better your revisions will be.
  • Don't rush. Leave plenty of time. Although we are happy to meet the tightest deadlines, we have found that a more relaxed approach will yield the best results.
How to get in touch with Biorev?

Give us a call or drop by anytime, we endeavor to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days. We will be happy to answer your questions. Click Here!

Our Story

Founded in Irving, Texas in the USA, Biorev is a 3D visualization company. Among our specialties are 3D Architectural Renderings, 3D Floor Plans, 3D Virtual Tours, Animation, HR Shared Services, Web & Data Solutions, Social Media Solutions, and IT Solutions.

Having developed a balanced system of communication while providing visualization services to companies and individuals from a wide variety of foreign countries over many years, we have been able to plan and carry out your project smoothly, with excellent quality and deadlines. We are accustomed to meeting the requirements of our clients from multiple continents during the 3D rendering production process.

How do we work?
We adopt a pretty straight forward & simple approach to every project we undertake:
  1. Analysis
  2. Planning
  3. Production
  4. Testing